I loved making friendship bracelets when I was younger. They came around at the perfect time; right before high school when crafting was lame and right after I became super sick of needlepoint.

When I saw Amy’s post on Things We Make proposing a friendship bracelet swap I knew I had to come out from my friendship bracelet retirement. But, since we are about knitting over here, I wanted to add a knit-spin.

ICord Friendship Bracelet

ICord Friendship Bracelet Pattern


Yarn Leftover scraps of sock weight or sport weight cotton yarn. I used Knit Picks Comfy Sport.

Needles 2 size 3 double pointed needles.


Gauge is not important in this project


CO 3 sts, leaving a long tail. Make an icord that wraps loosely around your wrist, between 9-10 inches. Cut yarn, leaving a long tail. Pull end through sts to secure.

Make 3-5 icords in the same color or different colors.

Rocking the ICord Friendship Bracelet!


Tie first icord together with tails. Loop second icord through first bracelet and tie it together by tails. Repeat for each remaining icord.

With a yarn needle, work left over tails into base of icord to weave in. Cut remaining tails.

Cute Friendship Bracelet!

My bracelet is four icords, two gray and two purple. The smaller your yarn the daintier your bracelet. Make a thicker, bangle like bracelet with more icords!

I’m putting this bracelet in the mail to send to Amy straight away. I hope whoever gets my bracelet likes it!

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