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January, 2010

Sweatshop Shout Out

I big thank you to Mercedes at Kitchen Sink Dyeworks for featuring my Bow Headband in her latest blog post!

Fashion Trend – Girlie-Girl Headbands

And let this be a lesson to all: The one time you take pictures of yourself with no make up on is the one time your picture will be on the front page of a major yarn shop! Everyone be sure to check out all my freckles and under-eye bags.

I used Kitchen Sink Dyeworks Luxe Merino Fine for my headband and have enough yarn left over for 30 more.

Thanks again, KSD!

10 Reasons it Sucks that My Grandpa Died

1. I have to buy my own peanut butter now. 12 jars at a time.

2. I have to find a new financial adviser. That I might actually have to pay.

3. Waking up is terrible. My brain goes: “It’s light out. Hi kitties. What time is it? Oh, my grandpa died. That really sucks.”

4. Sneaky tears. I saw a bag of Brazil Nuts in the store and lost it. His handwriting is suddenly on all of my possessions, and his picture on all of my walls.

5. Despite how I am about weddings, I always kinda thought he would walk me down the aisle.

6. I needed directions yesterday and it took three people to answer my question. Thus taking three people to fill Papa’s shoes.

7. Yesterday my grandma says to me, ‘You can still call and talk about sports. I always tried to keep up with you two.’ I will never recover from that.

8. He was the only man in my family to take any interest in me and to take me seriously.

9. He was the only person to be constantly impressed by all the parties I went to. Like two a month.

10. My kids will never get to hear the good morning song sung by the inventor of the good morning song. “Good morning! Good morning! It’s time to rise and shine! Good morning! Good morning! It’s time to rise and shine!” And being annoyed and giggling at the same time.

Caitlin’s Sweater Update

I’ve been hesitating to call this my February Sweater for the Knit a Sweater a Month Challenge because, well.

Body Mostly Done

I accidentally almost finished the body of Caitlin’s Sweater.

Cabled Front Edging

Original Cabled Fronts

There is a crocheted button hole band and neck edging, so other than that, which is a finishing touch, I think it looks pretty good!

Sweater's Body Stitch

I’ve got the body stitch down and it isn’t driving me too crazy. It’s like the lazy man’s seed stitch. And you all know I am a lazy man when it comes to seed stitch.

Half Rib Seed Stitch Thing

So this sweater is perfect!

I jumped the gun on the January Sweater (blasted January Sweater) so I don’t want to do it again. I was sad and I wanted to knit a sweater. Maybe I’ll have it finished by the 1st so I can start another sweater?

I might have a problem.

FO: Man Cowl

Man Cowl

PT has been joking for a few weeks now that he wants a Man Cowl. I’ve been telling him for a few weeks that he really doesn’t want a Man Cowl. He isn’t really the Man Cowl type. What would he do with a Man Cowl? He would just look at it and not know what to do with it.

Man Cowl? For PT?

I made PT a Man Cowl about a month ago for his birthday.

It’s just a double moss stitch rectangle seamed together off center so it folds a little.

Ready to Fold

Will he wear it? I’m still not sure. He says he likes it and he was wearing it around the house after I gave it to him.

Does this translate into a knitting joke gone right? Only time, with the help of falling Chicago temps, will tell.

Style Your Knits: Summer Sweater

Remember my Summer Sweater I knit last summer? I rocked it out last night!

Summer Sweater Winter Style

And Here Less Angry!

I had an outfit planned for last night that was not this outfit. It involved a Sweater That Shall Not Be Named, and that is still an open wound so lets not talk about it! lalala

I had my heart set on a Style Your Knits post, so I had to make it happen.

While it is unseasonably warm in Chicago this weekend, it is nowhere near summer levels but I thought, why can’t this be an all year around sweater? I can make it happen.

And I did! How cute it is with the black belt and tights combo? Instant winterization.

Sweater #2

I threw a black sweater over it, too. Little did I know Relax Bar, the scene for PT’s birthday party last night, is kept to a near hell like temperature. See my shoe option two in the back ground? Flats would have been just too easy.

Summer Sweater

I love this top. It’s so fun and pretty and was fun to knit. And I got groped all night by adoring fans of this lovely sweater. Win win!

(AND a very happy birthday to Mr. PT!)

Top: Summer Sweater, knit by me

Sweater: Kohls

Belt: Stolen from PT

Skirt: Made by me from an old pair of pants

Tights: Target

Shoes: Ann Marino, again