Why knit a sweater a month, you ask?

Honestly, I have no idea. Because I can? Because I want to be a good example for knitters everywhere afraid to take the plunge into knitting sweaters? Because I want 12 new sweaters?

Yeah. I think the best answer is because I can. I can knit a sweater a month for a year, and so can you. It just takes a little dedication, motivation, and creativity.

I’ve started planning out my sweaters for the year in my Ravelry queue. I see a sweater I love and change my queue up constantly. I’m trying to pick sweaters that fit the season each month, which is forcing me to answer the existential question, What is a sweater?

(I’m also planning on alternating between intense knits and easier knits so I don’t get burnt out and so I get to knit other things between these sweaters. Foresight!)

Want to join me in this challenge? I’ll be posting Sweater a Month updates every Tuesday all year with my own thoughts and progress and links to the other participating knitter’s sweaters they are working on monthly, too.

Sound fun?! Send me an email at allyson@thesweatshopoflove.com to get on my Sweater a Month email list. I’ll be emailing sweater pattern and yarn ideas, answering questions, and sending little motivational tid-bits to help you stay on track and get your sweaters finished.

And if I’m the only one on board with this crazy scheme, that is ok. It sounds like a lot. Maybe after I knock a couple out, by May you will want to try it yourself.