I finished knitting my mom’s Glorified Necklace! It’s not officially done; I’ve got to hide the tails and block it, but I’ve never knit two of the exact thing before, so I wanted to use this opportunity to show you just how amazing blocking is.

Before and After at the Same Time!

Before and After at the Same Time!

The bottom shawl is mine and the top shawl will soon be my mom’s, pre blocking. You can see that the edges are curling up, the top is curling. It’s a good three inches smaller height wise and probably eight or ten inches shorter width wise.



The texture is completely different, too. You can see the top fabric is crinkly and rough looking, whereas the shawl I blocked is smooth.

I’m going to get soaking this baby and get it looking just like mine. Especially now that I have so much room for it to lay out and block properly!

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