I really can’t think of a better way to start off the new Sweatshop blog than by knitting Happy Poos.

Happy/Sad Poos!

Happy/Sad Poos!

Please note that this pattern is my knitted version of the crocheted Happy Poo Pattern by Puchitomato.

Finished Measurements: Height 3 1/4 inches, Width 2 1/4 inches

Materials: Any brown worsted weight yarn

Size 4 double pointed needles


Extra yarn for face


Be sure to stuff Happy/Sad Poo as you go!

CO 6 sts and divide evenly.

Rnd 1: Inc 1 st around, 12

Rnd 2: [K1, Inc1] around, 18

Rnd 3: [K2, Inc1] around, 24

Rnd 4: [K3, Inc1] around, 30

Rnd 5: K all sts

Rnd 6: [K4, Inc1] around, 36

Rnd 7: K all sts

Rnd 8: [K4, K2tog] around, 30

Rnd 9: K all sts

Rnd 10: [K3, K2tog] around, 24

Rnd 11: [K2, K2tog] around, 18

Rnd 12: [K1, K2tog] around, 12

Rnd 13: [K1, Inc1] around, 18

Rnd 14: [K1, Inc1] around, 24

Rnds 15-17: K all sts

Rnd 18: [K2, K2tog] around, 18

Rnd 19: K all sts

Rnd 20: [K1, K2tog] around, 12

Rnd 21: K2tog around, 6

Rnd 22: Inc 1 st around, 12

Rnd 23: [K1, Inc1] around, 18

Rnd 24: K all sts

Rnd 25: [K1, K2tog] around, 12

Rnd 26: K2tog around, 6

Rnd 27: K all sts

Finish stuffing. Cut yarn and pull through remaining sts, secure. Make up the face on the bottom poo lump with scrap yarn of embroidery thread or googly eyes or whatever!

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